Service Delivery

Time & Materials

Adjusting to our customer needs, we usually deliver on a Time & Materials principle.

Our availabilities can be booked based on :

  • Periodical / Fixed assignment

  • Booking request within agreed timeframe

  • Custom request

Custom Service Agreement

We regularly set-up custom service agreements with our customers where we can ensure reccurent added-value 

Some examples we practice:

  • Year-end support & availability on site for Inventory countings

  • Team set-up for recurrent flow implementation (M&A, new production-line set-up ...)

  • Expert availability on-request for Project or Support Team

Team Building

We join existing teams as individual resource for permanent in-house teams within our customer's organization 

We build & lead dedicated hands-on team together with our customer to deliver small projects and continuous improvement activities, delivering a full-scope under agile & pragmatic methodology


Functional, Technical, Management. We cover it all.